Missed Connections Book

Missed Connections Book

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In her first book for adults, the artist Sophie Blackall creates a deeply felt, poignant book about loveÑa book that captures the mystery, the yearning, at times the cosmic humor behind the Òwhat if?Ó of a missed connection.

Like a message in a bottle, a Òmissed connection" classified (usually posted on a website) is an attempt however far-fetched, by one stranger to reach another on the strength of a remembered glance, smile, or blue hat. The anonymous messages are hopeful and hopeless, funny and sad. Ms. Blackall, award-winning illustrator of RubyÕs Wish and Big Red Lollipop, has turned some of the most evocative (or hilarious) of them into exquisite paintings.

Missed Connections is a collection of illustrated love stories. ThereÕs ÒWe Shared a Bear Suit.Ó ÒIf Not for Your Noisy Tambourine.Ó ÒHairy Bearded Swimmer.Ó Each is told in the shorthand of a Òmissed connection,Ó and then illustrated in Chinese ink and watercolor. The paintings are extraordinary: delicate yet full of feeling, each springing from one little detail of the post into a fully imagined world. Each brings the voyeuristic pleasure of watching love at first sight, and the pleasure of watching an artist discover a fresh new way to tell a story. And not all the connections are missed. Hidden in the book are three pieces that conjure up the magic of love found.

Paperback, 128 pages

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