New York City Subway E Train Gifts

The E train is a subway route that primarily goes through Manhattan, but also has some stops in Brooklyn and Queens. During the busiest times, some of the trains run faster than usual. This line covers a large area, from the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan to Jamaica Center in Queens.

The E train stops at several major subway stations throughout Manhattan. These include Times Square-42nd Street, Penn Station and Lexington Avenue-53rd Street. These stations are well known for their bustling crowds, especially during the morning rush hour. In this time, commuters rely on the E train to get to work.

The E train runs regularly during the day, with the shortest wait times at peak hours and slightly longer wait times during off-peak hours. The earliest train leaves Jamaica Center in the morning and the last train departs from the World Trade Center at night.

At Times Square-42nd Street, riders can transfer to several other subway lines, including the 1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, and W trains. Additionally, the E train offers a direct connection to the PATH train at the World Trade Center station.

The E train is a dependable form of transportation for both commuters and visitors, with stations across Manhattan and connections to other subway lines and transport services.