Official Map and Station Guide, 1958 Print

Official Map and Station Guide, 1958 Print

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"Official New York City Map and Station Guide" 1958. Designed by George Salomon

Reproduced from the collection of the New York Transit Museum

Salomon's map for the Transit Authority - the first to show the entire system - gives the three once-separate systems equal weight and color (black, IRT; green, BMT; red, IND). Though abstract and stylized - representing the boroughs as a series of simplified gray masses - Salomon's map still bears enough similarity to the city's geography to be readily usable.

Pictured to the left framed.

Available in the following sizes:

16x20" for $33 unframed
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22x28" for $66 unframed
22x28" for $165 framed
36x48" for $104.5 unframed

Size in inches Height x Width

Paper: 16 x 20 Image: 10 15/16 x 15
Paper: 22 x 28 Image: 16 x 22

Classic black frame measures 1 1/16" wide.

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