Amtrak Ski Amtrak Advertisement Print

Amtrak Ski Amtrak Advertisement Print

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A classic Amtrak advertisement has been digitally restored and is now available as a print measuring 11 x 17 inches in a protective plastic sleeve.

Ski Amtrak, c. 1990s

Since its inception, Amtrak realized the potential marketing possibilities in promoting trains to skiers. The company still works with tour operators and resorts to create special package deals. In the East, the Vermonter (Washington-St. Albans, Vt.) and Adirondack (New York-Montreal) are popular with winter sports enthusiasts, while out West, the Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle/Portland) and California Zephyr (Chicago-Emeryville) offer connections to numerous ski areas.

Officially licensed from Amtrak. Printed in the USA.

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