Letter or Number (5" x 8") Mosaic Tile

Letter or Number (5" x 8") Mosaic Tile

Item # 33470-LN1
  • $200.00

The distinctive mosaic ID tablets in the subway stations are reproduced here.

Susan Brown and Denny Morrison are NYC artists and tile setters. They repair subway station mosaics for the NY Transit Authority. Inspired by those designs, they make these objects using the same tiles we use in the stations. Each item is handmade, using handmade porcelain tiles. Made in the USA. No two are exact, but general color palettes can be requested: neutrals(light), greens, rusts.

All pieces have a fabric back with an information card describing the source mosaic/station that inspired the piece, with a wire hanger on the back. Measures 5" x 8".Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery.

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